Sunday, June 25, 2017

Virginia To Vegas - Selfish / “Conscious Uncoupling” – A Collaborative Fashion Editorial Celebrating Women’s History Month / Let's talk RELATIONSHIPS

" “Conscious Uncoupling” – A Collaborative Fashion Editorial Celebrating Women’s History Month"~By BellaNaija Style

"This editorial is a fashion photo series created to celebrate Women’s History Month and to depict the way women are currently treated in the society."
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I want to talk about relationships.

I have always wanted one. I would go on my "walks" and see these couples so happy and comfortable all huggy and kissy.... Almost appears as though they have it all! I'm speaking of both hetero and gay couples. 
I wanted that.

It's been so many years since my last relationship. In fact, so long that I can't even remember the year we broke this moment. It was short but sweet as he was an exceptional boyfriend and friend.
Ever since...NADA? 

I am now reaching my 50th and sometimes I feel like I am losing time but now I think not.

I like my life now. 
FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, in a long time, I can say that my mind is free of contaminants. 
I have no drama in my life at this moment and I feel strange. It just hasn't really been this way since I was in high school. 
This is good.

My new out look is that I feel a relationship is no longer in the plans. I believe in destiny. If it happens, it happens! Those seem to be the most successful connections.

Now that's what sucks. 
There are days and nights I wish I had a companion to share my days and mostly my nights watching movies.
 I miss hugs, cuddling, having conversation, cooking, kissing...connecting. It's true. 
Nila, my dog, fills that gap ...but I have instigate the hug...and it's not the same. Lol. I carry her like a baby even though she hates it. I just want her to get used to being carried and hugged. ;)

This is why I sometimes feel like I'm panicking, and then I remember I have the BEST of friends ad I'll be okay.
SO....are we in a world of cyber dating? I don't even like saying that. It sounds funny. Do I have go on  GRINDER now? I am on Plenty of Fish, but I am obviously not that into it because until this day, I can not remember when I was last online. 
What does that mean?

I guess I just want someone to just cuddle and hug with...
OR I can grind my way through "GRINDER" thanks. No judgment because I know of some people who have successfully met the ONE on this app. AND to each their own. Kudos to you guys.
I just thought it was ONLY for sex because that's what I see from my friends. I find it a litte creepy, especially when you are told that they are 20 metres away! WHAT!? Yikes.
#WIMPY and #AFRAID...but never a #PRUDE!

Things are good, and I am happy.

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