Friday, June 2, 2017

Jason Derulo - Swalla (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign) (Official Music Video) and hits in AUSTRALIA ! / ECO FASHION WEEK AUSTRAILIA!!!! ... hits in Australia πŸ”†πŸ”… ...CLICK link for instructions!!!

"Perth-based Australian Eco fashion designer/visual artist Zuhal Kuvan-Mills of Green Embassy has taken her passion for slow fashion to a new level with the creation of the very first international Eco Fashion Week Australia.
"The eco-focused event will make its exciting debut this 23rd of November through the 27th.
Kuvan-Mills is the founder, visual artist and creator behind handmade organic haute couture label Green Embassy and organic textile maison Atelier Zuhal. Next, she is setting her sights on promoting and showcasing sustainable artists and designers on a global level.
Eco Fashion Week Australia will collaborate with the designers, artists, activists, community, media, businesses and educational programs, as well as the local Governments, to raise awareness for environmentally conscious fashion. With eco fashion weeks spreading across the globe, it is only natural for Kuvan-Mills to take the wheel in her own beloved home of Perth, Australia. The initiative she has taken to implement Australia’s first and very own Eco fashion celebration will strike a chord with designers, fashionistas and media alike.
This innovative, forward-thinking event will feature, exclusive informative discussions, exhibitions, hands-on workshops and incredible runway shows showcasing the best in organic, hand made, local, re/up cycled fair-trade, ethical fashion, traditional, and textiles."
HAVE A GREAT TIME...working on it.... ;) ...will do my best to make this. I keep hearing and SEEING the #influence #fashion and its #TRENDS. #CULTURAL #LOVE #supportECO

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