Grace - You Don't Own Me ft. G-Eazy / EDITORIAL: LEO ELLER FOR GQ CHINA


"Stylist Jojo Qian features smart ensembles with an air of rugged adventure. Here, covetable sweaters, slim-fit trousers, sports coats, and more come together. The fashion spread features the military-inspired field jacket and other strong pieces from brands such as Saint Laurent..."

 I don't know what it is but since living in Toronto like, almost 14 years ago (...really?!) , I have become quite the "loner", some would say.
 Introverted- extrovert.
I just have trouble following 'rules'. I HATE HAVING TO BE SOMEWHERE. Especially when sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge. Most of my closest friends know this about me. It's selfish and I am working on it, but very slowly. time. GOOD time.

I love to travel, and I am loving these new resort shows. I just love beautiful things and then I go to the polar opposite and really admire the modern collections. I always believed that simple IS MORE!

Anyway, these editorials take me music. 
I think of the past and how blessed I was to have travelled to so many places, places I would never have gone to before. I truly am so blessed when I follow my heart. 
JUST DO IT! It works!