Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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So it's been a while.

I decided to make some life changes that I would like to call, life "torks". So I just dove into it. I don't know if you all know that I am also a Dental Assistant and I decided to challenge my skills with #orthodontics. A challenge that was unexpected for me.
 I like to say that I take pride in my clinical skills, well... I was humbled. I was put in my place. It was something very different and sometimes very familiar to me. Regardless I LEARNED A LOT! I did okay, but I can not say my very best...and that's okay.

I made it, it took a bit but I made it. I passed the clinical portion. 
Tomorrow will be the defining day. I have to admit, this waiting has been like this...
 little bursts of anxiety daily. Like a roller coaster on good days. 

ANGELS. GODS. with me. 

My aunt, who lives in Las Vegas died. 
She was one of my favourite aunts, but I'm not sure if she really knew that. :( 
Unfortunately I did not keep in touch as I had wished to. I was selfish and I missed out on a couple years. I have learned again through this tragic experience. 
Full of life, is the last I can describe of her when I last saw her. That woman can make me laugh so damned hard, and she was a huge fan of my humour too. I will never forget that. I can make that woman laugh and I love that I able to do that,  that I have. 
When I was at my lowest, my aunt and uncle sent me my first professional camera. A Sony DSLR. It changed my life. That is when I began taking photos of strangers on the street, and "Frock Of Ages" was born. 
I am grateful, Tita Rosie.
I used to take pictures of people with great style. I was pretty slack those days. I hope one day I will the courage to do that again. 
It was fun.

It was also the death Anniversary of a GREAT friend. One who taught me so much in such little time. One who impacted my life in such a positive way that I can only be thankful for. All he has shared with me is now excercised within me, and has madde me a better person.
 He was lost too soon, and yes Anton, I wish I had met you sooner, also.

So my mind has settled and I can now teach myself to relax. It's time to chill it. 
Let it relax. Let it just do what it wants to BE. 

(Today is my Moms birthday. It was perfect, just like her.)


Anyway, I felt like I had to let it out, and this is mine so...why not?

I'm not going to force any of my new views in life on you, my friends. I will say something, make the effort to FULLY accept who you are... mind, body and soul. Love yourself first, it is NOT selfish. Those who say so do not understand what that phrase means. You will begin to see beautiful things and feel so much lighter when you begin to accept forgiveness. 
HAPPINESS. Mindfulness

Enough said.

Peace and JOY

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