Friday, June 30, 2017

Drake - Passionfruit / Meet the Hannibal Lecter of Fashion: Sruli Recht ~ “I was once asked to make pendant earrings out of someone’s testicles.” By Keith Estile ~

"Meet the Hannibal Lecter of Fashion: Sruli Recht"

“I was once asked to make pendant earrings out of someone’s testicles.”
"Innovation and controversy seem to go hand-in-hand with your creations. What are your motivations behind the unconventional designs you produce?"
"It’s probably easier to describe it more as reactions than motivations. I react to things, temporal or physical. And those reactions spark ideas which most often become objects as defined by narrative. We are all very sensitive to the world – time, people, objects, temperature… and so, constant reactions, because we are always flanked by those catalysts. Paying attention to how you react to them is the key.

Design is entertainment, and designers are entertainers. What appeals to us, appeals to us because of the story it is telling. These stories in the collections, they are in a sense autobiographical. The themes have a basis in something that was happening around me at the time.

When I get into a particular mood, I write the story poetry before beginning the collection design, and pull the characters and palettes from that. The prose informs the collection development in every way, from texture through to the construction features and up to the runway presentation. "

Personally, some of those organic pieces grossed me out...just a little bit AND, I am a fan. I can't help but have a great deal of respect for artists who really step out of the box...especially when they aspire you!
 The pieces I seem to have chosen to share from this interesting interview, are like showcase art pieces. 
Have a look at the link. Details, and a fascinating collection! #Future #Modern #raw #hairy #organic #fashion
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