Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller / Partager« Street style à la Fashion Week homme automne-hiver 2017-2018 de Paris » ~ www.vogue.fr


"Partager« Street style à la Fashion Week homme automne-hiver 2017-2018 de Paris »"

I am influenced by people I see on the street. I like to say my person style is a combination of many looks that inspire my style today. 

One day I hope to take pictures all over the world JUST DOING THAT. It doesn't matter to me that it's, "SO DONE", but I believe it will always be a favourite to many. This is the BEST way to meet people while visiting their countries. 

The looks and images that inspired me.
 I really like this look.

 I really like this look.

 You can tell when it's personality vs. FOE SHOW! This is an 'appreciated' mess.

 I'm still looking for that perfect hat.


 See...I like white shoes on other people, just not me.

 Colour, construction, size and fabric equals the perfect sweatshirt. #COMFY #CRUNCHY #COTTON

 COLD TIMES! Love it. #inspired

 ...taking a break?

 Style for life.?

 Great shot.

 ...another fantastic shot.

 Chic and sophisticated.


 This #Champion hoodie is sick! Is real?

 Easy and simple. Like it was the first outfit he picked out.

 Would never wear it, but it is cool.



It's sometimes a challenge to 'bundle up' and still look stylish. This is a good example of a person who knows his fashion while still keeping warm and cozy. Nice shoes!




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