Saturday, May 6, 2017

The BSMNT: Flume - Never Be Like You (Live op Q) / FALL 2017 READY-TO-WEAR Alexander McQueen
 DETAILS!!!! I always talk about it because it TRULY makes the difference...especially these days when fashion is really all over the place! Anything goes, and this is why we should concentrate on dressing ourselves the way WE want...within reason, of course! #personalstyle
Alexander McQueen

Skimming through #Pinterest, always keeps me updated, motivated and inspired especially when inspiration can sometimes ( only sometimes ), becomes a challenge. This is why I love it.
I decided to check out images from a familiar show in a different angle, a more interesting one!
Here are my favourites, but really...BRAVO  to all!


Fab collection. I wasn't sure I liked all the "strings", but that's just me. 
Lately I've been feeling a very strong 90's tend. This collection is reminiscent of the nineties and others... ??

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