Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No Doubt - Underneath It All ft. Lady Saw / RESORT 2017 3.1 Phillip Lim

"RESORT 2017"3.1 Phillip choices.

This is one my my most favourite look of them all. Head to toe, a bit of 90's chic. The tapestry vest has a modern cut that is flattering while  the body with simple details. SENSATIONAL pants and the shoes complete a very crisp and polished look.

You have now seen the trend in mens suits made for women. This one is very traditional with feminine touches. The sandals are extraordinary.

Pleating. Love it. Again, the shoes! #WOW

Not really a look I would choose but I do appreciate how "pretty" it looks in general.

A sexier alternative.

I am a big a fan of culture. These 'pajama' like outfit with the blue edges and tuxedo stripe on the pants gives a cool urban the palette.


You can never go wrong with black. This very feminine dress is chic! Throw a jacket on top in the evening and you are set!I have to point out the sandals. I LOVE THEM. A mens version would be nice.

...different kind of look and that's why I like it. Well styled.

All white..YES, for women. Men...not so much. That again is just me. This is fabulous. So simple and sweet. I really like this look...and the SANDALS!!!!

This is just sexy. Very cool and reminicent of many past designers collections like, Ford, Gucci, etc....THE DETAILS!

This one I thought about...went back and decided, YES! I would wear it! ...with the other sandals.So  go ahead and have a look at the 30 LOOKS! I many of you will like more than I chose.

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