Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Never Be Like You - Choreography by Janelle Ginestra Feat. Immabeast / THE FINISHING TOUCH: NATHANIEL VISSER FOR MEN’S STYLE Written by Fashionisto on May 16, 2017 ~www.thefashionisto.com



Standing tall, Nathaniel Visser wears a Prada outfit.

"Australian model Nathaniel Visser is back in the spotlight with a new editorial. The leading model stars in a spread for Men’s Style. Entitled The Finishing Touch, the story brings together photographer Ben Simpson and stylist Kim Payne. Tackling an essential wardrobe, Nathaniel wears pieces for Australia’s new fashion season. Nathaniel sports sharp coats, printed shirts, tailored trousers, and more."
I love this edtorial. 
Lately I have been frustrated with menswear. I think it's because it's Spring/Summer season and everytime I walk into a mens shop all I see is pastels. Pastel suits. Pastel shirts, pants, tee-shirts and polo shirts...the whole works! 
Is that there is?
I love Fall/Winter when it comes to fashion. That's just me!Here are my favourite images and looks. 

 I also really appreciate the photography.
Check the site and see what you like. I'm just not one to dress up.

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