Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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Ya, I just want to talk.

I thought I'd make a list of my #fashionFAUXpaus.... WHY NOT be a #Bitch and what do I know right? Like who makes the "standard' of what is RIGHT and what is NO! Who really is cool?

So, in my eyes I see this. I will preface by stating that all my fashion experience comes from a very deep passion that I followed since I was old enough to have the desire to open up one of my Moms magazines.  My Mom had many. 

I watch so many fashion shows on #YouTube..the GOOD and the "WTFs"! So as a
photographer of fashion I will share with you what makes me roll my eyes in private or in my mind? Some are so scaring I lose myself and its like I may as well be speaking to #MarlonTexiera. (#SHOCK and I try to figure out what happen?) 

They may as  WELL be telling me I just won a million 
wouldn't even flinch.



*wearing flip flops and sandals; shorts and tank tops and all that summer stuff on a cold but sunny day! You look like fool. Sorry it cold. I get the whole "sunshine finally" hoopla, but seriously???

*hats on men who DO NOT SUIT HATS or do not know how to wear them. I am guilty for this with ONE hat. The moment I see it doesn't work...OFF! I see it on the bus a lot! 

dollars and I
*ILL FITTING SUITS...please it's time to make an effort..even the most affordable suits like from, Zara and Top Shop, are WAAAAY better than a suit you payed buck for and you look like you just need to take a shower. OFF WITH THAT SUIT! Ask a friend who is fashionable or knows something? #Tailorit  ...with the exclusions of the one's MEANT to fit unorthodox.

*A LOT of summer dresses! The "high-low"is great...still trending, but UPGRADE!!!!!!! Cheers thanks a lot. Woman are so lucky to have so many choices for good taste at a reasonable price if quality is not of importance.

*TOO MUCH MAKE UP. Stop. I also wear make up but now that I am tanned I have mastered a "natural" look...lol. I know so many beautiful women and MEN wearing so much make up that it either takes AWAY FROM YOUR LOOK, or you can see it! Meaning poor application. DEFINATELY use...most of of have #SCARS..so I understand. <3

*SHORT DRESS WITH LONG BOOTS. I believe if you are going to wear high boots...go thigh high for particular shows...usually accompanied with latex.. for show, but otherwise I BELIEVE the dress length should exceed the dress, especially if you are short. It makes for a frumpy unpolished look. Sorry...

*BAD JEANS!!!!!!!! You can still afford good denim with TASTE..my God.!!!!

Any pair that is purchased all ripped purposely and strategically is a JOKE! Like all those jeans on half mannequins wearing fucked up jeans! Excuse my French, but wtf? Same with shades of denim! WTF? LET THEM FADE ON THEIR OWN OR BUY SECOND HAND OR VINTAGE FOR not only QUALITY but a natural denim. Jeans must fit well...if baggy, slim or even skinny. If I see a rust yellow and mustard pair....my eyes roll...(it's a natural response I guess). 
I did see some of the nastiest jeans in Mexico. Sorry my Mexican friends, who are you copying? Where did you see that?!! WHO inspires this culture of an overdose of colour and poor cover ups!..and I won't even start with what"s on top! Mamamia! Again, #Cultura. So I have understand. <3 I'm not being mean... honesty.


Inspire yourself by looking at #Pinterest or a magazine and then take it apart and create a look that will  make you feel good! 
SO IMPORTANT and OWN THAT DAMN OUTFIT! You can tell if you do not feel comfortable! Not attractive.  Just always create a mood through personal fashion. KEEP BEING CONFIDENCE AS PRIORITY. Confidence is power.

*SKETCHERS ...its just a visage...SOP UGLY ALL! Sorry Sketchers fans they are so ugly.

Well, I guess that is it for now....

...judgy wujjy was a #bear!


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