Saturday, April 1, 2017

B.G. The Prince of Rap - This Beat Is Hot ( Original Club Remix ) Extremly Rare / Jil Sander Fall 2017 MENSWEAR
"Model: HyperFocal: 0" 

These days I am really enjoying fashion in a whole new way. I want to dress up! I want to look "polished" and "refined" an extent! I still have to be #me...edgy! 
 Which is why I say this now; you can change. It all comes with life experiences. That is why traveling to other countries should be a priority. It's the only way to see what, (who ever you choose as your 'spiritual guider', should even have know, it can be anything! ;), has in store for you. WE all have had hard times., and will continue, such as life..some so devistating it seems impossible to forget.

Anyway, it's about making your life as simple as humanily possible. #HAPPINESSISTHEBESTMEDICINE 
It's really never too late. I know that now.

Jill Sander has a been a brand I have religiously follow. I like the simpicity, and modern appraoch to trends. I believe the trend setters are those with personalitity along with a clever eye to fashion everything! #Somejusthaveit !

...check the link..there are more great looks, these are the ones I prefer. 

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