Sunday, March 26, 2017

Words... Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. /Dancing in the Moonlight lyrics /Glenn Morrison feat. Islove - Goodbye Lyrics

So I'm down to my last couple days here, in #Vallarta #Mexico. Let me preface this by stating that I love this place! The people are lovely, but what I love so much is the culture here. Very simillar to my  #Philippines. All about love, life, colour and tropical beauty.

Every night there are at least 3 firework displays and dancing and singing every day and night. The food is incredible. Everything tastes better here. The heat kind of supresses my appetite but I do force myself to eat; I have taste everything, even if its just a bite.
I met some of the warmest and kindest people around. My stay here, at #TorreMalibu has been closest to perfection. A lot of Canadian's here...feels nice.

I was blessed to have met one special guy. A very talented designer of jewlry. Angel Alexander Montes Bonito
I fell deep.
The most passionate man I know and very motivated and ambitious. His smile lights up my world...eyes of an angel. Considerate and somewhat reserved..which I appreciate to a degree. I am only here for such a short time and I wasn't able to be free to be me with him because of his conditions...which I have to respect. We all have been hurt in the past so I can understand that. I want love,  and sometimes I believe it's okay to take the chance, especially when the future has the potential to be shared FOR LIFE. A feeling I have NEVER felt from a man.
I was so excited but I DID reflect on my selfish actions...I just couldn't contain myself. Everyone who is very close to me knows that all I need is affection. One night stands no longer exist for me as it always makes me feel empty at the end. I am a man ready to settle, but it seems to be more difficult than I thought. "We fell in love in hopeless place". I will miss this man the most. I still pray for my dreams to come true and shared with him. (Give me a second chance)???

Anyway, I guess this really is all about him. Like I said this guy something else. I do care so much for him and, if given tyhe opportunity, I'd be with him FOREVER. I will dream because sometimes dreams come true! It has for me many times. I am grateful.

So anyway, I am all ready to go home. I have a professional future there, in Vancouver that I respect and am very excited for. So many new projects ahead!

Thank you, #PuertoVallarta #Valisca #Mexico.

Today will be all about photos and hopefully one last chance. ???

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