Friday, February 24, 2017

Muse - Madness / Common Muse
The fashion world has reached a point of chaos. I recently read an article in #FashionMagazine, written by (former) editor-in-chief, #BernadetteMorra. I couldn't AGREE more. Apparently designers are quitting their jobs at a rapid pace and the fashion arena is at place where there seems to have no direction. What stood out for me was how she mentioned, "shelter skelter prints" and odd silhouettes. Designers are showing when they want...whenever they want. It's about the the 'now'. 
What do I want to design at this very moment?

Through all this 'chaos', I find some creative sedation by posting these very simple pieces in world that has lost control...hopefully for just a fashion moment.

Although I am a fan of cleverly, systematically controlled prints, 'odd' shapes, silhouettes and unusual pieces of floating fabric, it really does feel like a breath of fresh air to be relieved by simplicty, luxury and sophistication.

These would be my purchases and my favourite looks.

"Luxury is a state of mind. We believe luxury need not involve great expense. A luxurious lifestyle is one that involves conscious choices, reflecting a refined and sophisticated identity. It is not about the price tag, it is about how you feel."

 ...and the #jewelry I liked the most.

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