Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chelou - Halfway to Nowhere ...great vid.!!! / My favourite coats because it's COLD.

It's been crazy cold in Vancouver. It's so unusual that the city itself can't seem to keep on top of things! 
Anyway, I couldn't help by get inspired by coats. I have been obsessed with coats since fall.
So I went through my new obsession, #Pinterest, and chose some of my favourite one's...I could have picked more, but...too many!!!!!!!

So these are the VERY BEST! 

...through my eyes.

I just really like this entire look. What's going on under there? I love it.

I hate this pose...like why are we still doing this? May be that's what he's thinking? Lol.

                          Okay, NOT a winter look, but c'mon with that pullover!!!! #Loveit

                                   A hoodie is a MUST!

 Click the #Pinterest link, there is where you will find out where's it's at! A term I never use, just hear a lot. "Where you at?" ...#wrong

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