Monday, February 13, 2017

Calvin Harris & Disciples - How Deep Is Your Love / BEST DRESSED Grammys 2017 Best Dressed: Stars Storm Music’s Biggest Night Gaga, Demi, Adele, and more. by JOSH DUBOFF

"Grammys 2017 Best Dressed: Stars Storm Music’s Biggest Night"

"Gaga, Demi, Adele, and more."  
I don't know if you had a chance to watch #theGrammys but I'm not here to give "spoiler" alerts. 
I do feel compelled to share my thoughts of the show in general. I want say that it felt good to know that so many American people agree with my thoughts and feelings about what is happenning within the Trump chaos. I still love America and I believe in the good American people who love all creeds, true religions, races, sexes...and all that good stuff that makes and made the United states the country we know and onced admired.

Anyways the gowns and looks that made me happy.
       I don't know why, but I found this the prettiest.

       I love the new Katy.  Great look. Edgy and sexy. #sexyrockstar

       Rihanna can do no wrong. Someting unexpected but I likey!

I think better styling may have done this look more justice. A lot of wrong going on with a super dress. #toobad


       Ok, for a pop star I suppose.

A bit "high-roller" for me, but a very "luxe" look that works well. It's refreshing to see less BLING!

       ...I'm on the edge, with tyhis look?

       Very nice. 

       ....again, #appropriate.
In the real world...lose the DAMNED HAT FOR 'F' SAKES! I WANT TO BEAT THIS GUY UP!'s that for angry. ;) I do not want to beat him up.


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