Thursday, February 16, 2017

BANKS - Beggin For Thread (Official Music Video) / FALL 2017 MENSWEAR Giorgio Armani ~VOGUE.COM 2017 MENSWEAR ~"Giorgio Armani"
By now if you follow me you would know I am a huge fan of #GiorgioArmani ( it's the show!). Armani makes men wear clothes that are progressive without looking too much like a fashion...isto! The Armani man is masculine, sophisticated and confident, all of which encompasses a certain kind of sexy that I personally appeal to.The 'shrug-like' accessory looks great on the catwalk, but I am certain will not be seen  much on the street. SOME I would wear, but not your regular guy who just wants to wear quality clothes that fit knowing he has one foot out of that box without feeling uncomfortable.
The women's collection is so chic and sharp. The construction is fascinating. Take a look at my favourites. I did pick almost all the looks because they are so beautifully constructed and styled. 
Thanks!This is in no particular order, however I did begin from the last look to the first. 

    I love the pop of red! This works well for me.

    ...again, it's working!

    Almost enjoyed every look in within this 'family'.

    Stunning! Very luxurious and extremely sexy. 

    The details around the neck is any colour really?

    I'm desperately trying to appreciate the 'hype' on velvet and valour. I can't shake off Christmas. This got me with the colour palette. It is beautiful.

    Simply irresistible. ( ...she's so fine...) Simply four pieces, ( including shoes ), collectively put together creating a very refined and classic look. 

    ...everything BUT the 'thing', to me it looks like it's just falling off of him. I get the 'cool' factor, though. It's actually very clever. Underneath, the look is easy. #details #menlikeeasy #diversity

    I'm a sucker for long coats. This one  looks nice and soft. #keepmewarm

    Okay, I love dogs! #Urban


    #COLOUR !!! 

    I haven't seen anything really like this. Its reactive, but not too much. Don't forget to check out the handbags! #pipingGOOD

    A new silhouette I believe was adopted by the Asian aesthetic and not just because an Asian model is wearing it. Take a look at all the new suits for men. Shorter in length, with almost a 'school boy' look and oval shape.

    #Fascinating !!! 

    Love everything about these pants! In fact I think this look rocks!

    ...a bit colour... #Coolsweater

    BEAUTIFUL... now remove the stole, and have a look at the construction. Love that. #shoulders #piping

    It is always good to have at least one or two statement jackets, particularly one that has some kind of 'wow factor'. For me, this one of those. I like the colour. I'm a more a subtle guy...I don't like, "Look at me!", I like, "I love that guys coat".

    #styling #details #brilliant #fun

    Clean cut and probably someone I would never hang out with, and I love the look!


    Now this larger 'man shrug' is wearable, if you are that kind of man who would would wear it. This model wears it well!

    #Longcoats #yes 

    These looks make me want a shrug.
    Good boy.

    It's just about the coat...and the stunning model.


    As I go on I find myself removing some looks as my mood changes, or suddenly my choices become monotonous. That's why it's better to watch the show! This model is a fave, though. GREAT SHOW, too!

    ...kinda the same look, but it's HOT!

     Oh, yesssssss. Yes to the entire look! Head to toe...I know! ;)

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