Saturday, January 7, 2017

Vikings war song - Fehu by Wardruna / "Babes with shields. (And a few hot shirtless dudes.)" ~ >>>click!
Lately I have been obsessed with, "Vikings", on #HBO. Actually I have been watching it since the beginning and it just progressively got more interesting, but my "fashion" eye often got distracted by the costumes! The costumes were impressive from the start...quite remarkable, actually! Now, the "collection", has up'd the ante, and scores high on one of the most skillfully made costumes. I like them on a personal level, too. I would actually wear some of that leather armour and some boots. doubt!

Here I found a great site who also shares my love of #Vikings!
I chose my favourite images provided.

"Babes with shields. (And a few hot shirtless dudes.)"

Lagertha ... (Queen).

 ...if not just for the HAIR!

                                        The King Ragnar Lothbrook


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