Sunday, January 8, 2017

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cities In Dust [Music Video] / BACKSTAGE AT GIORGIO ARMANI MEN’S SPRING-SUMMER 2017 MILAN ~



"Giorgio Armani closes the men’s collections in Milan with the presentation of the spring-summer 2017 collection of his eponymous line. This season, the Giorgio Armani man is a traveler: the silhouette is relaxed and the fabrics are soft and comfortable, giving a new take on tailoring. The designer took inspiration from the Caribbean with colorful mosaïque patterns that are found on jackets, shirts, and trousers. Overall, the color palette is washed-out as if it was sun-kissed – and it works. Derbies are traded for technical sneakers with white soles, which emphasizes on the idea of a man on the go."
"Photography: Tassili Calatroni for Crash"
I am a HUGE fan of Giorgo Armani. This would be my, "go-to", house. When I have become what I want to be, my wardrobe will be filled with 'Armani' alone.

Everything is wearable. It's progressive; urban and sophisticted without having to look like you're trying too hard. There is something special about a modern man...and woman!

I took tyhe time to have a look at the serioes of fantastic images of ewhat goes on back there. I really appreciate the photogrophers perceptions. #brilliant!

 The details are the selling point!

 Have a look at the textures. Very chic choices, like a sleek luxury sports car.

 I am not a man of colour when it comes to personal style, but I am certainly trying! I like this. Somber red.

 I am bit, "meh", on the the one in the's about that jacket.., but the pants..YES! The other full looks are pretty cool!, well styled.

 Prints are growing on me. This jacket can be worn with so many varied options, just ALWAYS make it personal. I can't stress that anymore. ; ) The fabric looks comfortable, (..which we, men need), and so easy to throw on, on a special occasion. It's that piece that you just throw on...and you're good! 
I'd tone down the jacket which something less busy...that's just me.


 Probably my favourite looks. If it looks like denim, or better yet, IS denim...I LIKE! #Classic cuts #FashionHistory


 A favourite look. I'd wear this!

Another fabulous colour!
Have a look at all the looks! The photography is beautiful just like the clothes and the MEN!

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