Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!!! / Beyoncé - All Night

It's 2017 and I am so excited. A new year of new beginnings and a new life! I like to think each year brings something new to the table. I have so many 'resolutions' in my head but I will not write it down anywhere. I believe having New Years resolutions can, or may set you up for disappointment or add a little unexpected stress. Not needed. So, NO RESOLUTIONS. Just be good. Listen to your heart, not your head.

I do wish for a year of better things! A new appraoch to life. A healthier world; shared kindness and respect. I'll say world peace, but .....

Let's just do the best we can with OURSELVES. Let's all make a conscious effort to be more tolerant, respectful, empathetic and compassionate. If we ALL can make a bit of a change, may be...just MAY BE, we will not notice the scary stuff as much. Too crazy out there, and too close to home.

May your God bring you joy, peace, happiness, health and properity. Go big! What I mean by that is that it's a new year. This is a good time to make a change. Change what challenges you and make it something special. Challenges are a good thing.

Happy New Year to all my supporters. 
Tha k you endlessly...

Rest in peace, Mama. I love you. It is also my Grandmothers death anniversary. 

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