Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out / These Asian Fashion Bloggers Are About to Become Your Style Muses August 4, 2016 by MARINA LIAO


"These Asian Fashion Bloggers Are About to Become Your Style Muses"

*This was the only image I was able to post.

I saw this, and found it very inspiring! Meet 12 of some of the most talented fashion, style, and travel bloggers. Find inspiration as I did. All these women are imppecapply styled and curated with fantastic images, too!

For those who are thinking about starting your own blog, check the link and meet these future style '' muses ", and express your passion. I find it therapeutic, educational and most of all, I discovered I enjoyed more factors within the fashion arena like, style, politics, art and of course, music.

 I like research...who knew? ...providing I am passionate about the subject. Singing is becoming something I HAVE to do everyday, just to keep stable....all through having a blog. To know you have ONE THING you can call YOU'RE OWN. (#smiling)... is amazing!
Express your passions because after all it is truly a gift from the heart. It doesn't matter if anyone gives you negative reviews or barks...that only means that you are doing something right. ;)  

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