Saturday, January 21, 2017

Blondie - Dreaming (1979) HQ / ~ FALL 2017 MENSWEAR Balmain

          " FALL 2017 MENSWEAR Balmain "

                          Photos: Monica Feudi / 

 Luxurious, chic and....costume(y)? 

Ever since I became obsessed with fashion, I have always been impressed with the French house, "#Balmain". Rich fabrics, clever styling and ornate details brought out a bold collection that is personal, extravagant and sexy!  This isn't a collection I would prefer to wear, but as I say that, I did see some pieces that I would love to own. #DreaminisFREE

...and a couple that looked more like a costume, and I still need to used to men wearing sweaters that reach the floor!

As usual, I had to pick my favourite looks.

No particular order. 

This was a bit challenging as I often visualize myself wearing the look. That is why I find it so much easier to judge women's looks because I would NEVER wear the outfits! Actually, now that I have said that, I don't know...I guess we CAN wear women's looks. To each their own.  Just #KeepitPERSONAL <3

I picked 33 of the 84, so click and find your own!

                                            #POLITICAL ?

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