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What is Christmas? 
To me it's about family and a celebration of the birth of Christ. I can't say I am a very religious man, although I do pray, I do believe in a higher power of which I call, "My God". 
I am celebrating a God that is all about unconditional love. NO GOOD God sets rules. No good God tells you who, what, where and how to live your life. My God is about loving all, regardless on who, what, where and how one conducts their lives. All is special. NO CONDITIONS. 

It's the people who created the God they want. It's sad because 'their' God, is so angry, or unhappy with us.

Something to think about....

Well, Happy Christmas! That's how we say it back home. Happy Holidays, and love with conviction and without borders. I don't think your God would be happy, otherwise. 

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