Sunday, December 25, 2016

Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood [1979] (Original Music Video from DVD source) / Shop at "Luxury and Vintage Madrid" ...oh! Amy Stewart was my FIRST 45" I purchased on my own for this very song. LOL!
Merry Christmas.
A few of my favourite things...

During a time of, "giving", I still chose my favourites! 
It's about the blog. It's not like I purchased ANY of these...(sarcasm)...

I just had to look! #vintage...apparently. :D

...and if you are a vintage or second hand shopper, like myself at times. WE ALL know there are gems out there. TAKE A CHANCE!

 Here I just want to be able to wear the shirts.. sans the bow tie, with a pair of dress slacks, on those days. ;) ..try an ascot! ...or a flower. #personalize
...not  fan of dressing up. You can look chic without having to wear the  'traditional ', now.
 I believe so.

 This is just a nice piece of "bling" for a more somber, but edgy look. #Urbanize !

 For me, this angle isn't very flattering, although simple is good! The, 'men's pencil pant', ( I like to call it ), is actually very chic and MUST be tailored to fit #YOU.  Unless you are special and can buy "Off the rack".

Have never worn one and am so open to try it. 
These colours are cool! #BEcreative 

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