Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Queen - Radio Ga Ga (Official Video) /ILUSTRADOS Por GEMA BEGEGA22 noviembre, 2016 ~ www.tendenciasfashionmag.com

Las ideas revolucionarias del pasado y los últimos avances tecnológicos se ven reflejados en esta colección que rinde tributo a los que apuestan por la vanguardia. El juego de colores y la funcionalidad son sus piezas clave.
22 noviembre, 2016

Hopefully you can read Spanish. Every once and awhile I find these sites that are aesthetically engaging. Very simple, and easy to read! I got most of it, anyway. ;)

These looks aren't really my style, but I often choose looks that I wouldn't necessarily wear, myself. I just appreciate and respect it.

Here are the, "looks" , I respect from the collection presented.

 ...and that's it.

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