Saturday, November 12, 2016

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy / Public · Festival · Hosted by Vancouver Alternative Arts & Fashion Week -Saturday, November 19 at 8 PM - 11 PM

7PM - Doors Open, 8PM - Show Starts
19+ Event - ID Required


#VALT2016 NIGHT 2 ~ Theme: VOLUME
To hear, to be deafened, or to play with enormity or slightness.

MC: Harrison Oswald
Harrison Oswald's first crush was Grace Jones, and he has been a slave to fashion ever since. After a brief stint as a Vancouver crust punk, Harrison joined the Canadian Armed Forces and learned the finer points of being cold, firearms maintenance, and tailoring. After his service, Harrison started working and volunteering in the alternative scene as a fire performer, club doorman, prop maker, costume maker and all round unicorn. In 2011, Harrison entered university, where he has successfully dropped out of both his fine art and science degree programs in favor of working in the film industry. He has been behind the scenes of many fashion shows in Vancouver, volunteered at #VALT2015 and has a passion for the looks our local designers and artists create every year. Harrison is loud, boisterous, and lives to make people smile!

FEATURED DESIGNERS (alphabetically):
Alkymiya Gallery
Beauty By Impairment Designs
Faye Tality Couture
Midnight Neon
ShiverZ Designs

FEATURED PERFORMERS (alphabetically):
Aaron White
Madeline's Masquerade: Modeling, cosplay and more
Pocket Venus

David Righton
Elaine Foster-Barrick
Famous Empty Sky
Flavia Chan
Irene Eaves
Jaclyn Lord-Purcell
Jenn Brisson
Jennifer Chernecki
Kristy Hansen
Leilani Finch
Lydia Fu
Mad Betty
Marie Caldwell
Megan Majewski
Unky Lastrange
Vicki Lynn Rae

Vancouver Alternative Arts & Fashion Week - VALT - #VALT2016 provides Vancouver's wildly explosive underground arts scene with a unique departure from typical arts affairs. This three-day event boasts over 50 jury-selected artists, musicians, performers and designers, in a celebration and promotion of unbridled creativity. VALT encompasses wearable art, music (from solo musicians to full contemporary bands to electronic artists), drawing, painting, mixed-media works, sculpture, film (documentary, art film and narrative), performance art (from short theatrical works, to interpretive dance and beyond), photography and interactive installations.

#VALT2016 Theme: YEAR V
Brought to life over 4 consecutive nights:
YEAR V Gala ~ Thursday, November 17th:
VISION ~ Friday, November 18th:
VOLUME ~ Saturday, November 19th:
VOICE ~ Sunday, November 20th:

VALT is run by Style, Entertainment, Art & Media Society - SEAMS. This not-for-profit organization focuses on developing local arts programming that assists emerging and fringe artists of every medium and media in the province of BC, while fostering a community of culture appreciation.

#VALT2016 Venue:
Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver CCC

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