Friday, November 11, 2016

CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue / Lanvin SPRING 2017 Menswear ..the DETAILS!

Do you go shopping and see repeats of the same coat, the same dress, and the pants? This is a time when 'details' are most important!  That combined with exceptional styling! Accessories are a clever way to achieve a 'new' look with what you already own and can't get rid of. Women are very lucky for this reason...and some men. (I just had my jeans patched...AGAIN, which would be the 4th time since 2015!) 

When I go shopping, it is always the details that make me decide on whether it's worth it, or not? 

On the runway, I ALWAYS look at what 'special' DEETS the designers have to offer.
  Here is ONE good example why season photographers  should have a place in #frontrow. ;)
Here is the,  #LanvinSpring2017 show.

There are many looks to check out, as usual I chose my own.

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