Broken Bells - Holding On For Life / Spring 2017.18 Menswear J.Crew ~

Photo: Courtesy of J.Crew
"Spring 2017.18 Menswear J.Crew"

My, 'other', work week begins so I thought I would share one collection that ANY man can wear! No, excuses.... Yes, I know some of you men are very tall and find it difficult to find pants and shirts that fit well. Just remember to check out places like, #Winners, in Vancouver. I hear you can often find the some stylish, and sometimes designer clothes for you!
...then the tailoring needs to happen. Just a suggestion. ;)

I choose these as my favourite looks, as I always do...

TWEEK these looks to your liking. Visualize yourself in something similliar or in a different colour and may be, use it as a template. ;)!