Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sade - The Sweetest Taboo / "The Best Designer Denim Spotted on the Spring ’17 Runways" by EMILY FARRA|edited by KELLY CONNOR ~

"The Best Designer Denim Spotted on the Spring ’17 Runways"

If you follow my blog or know me well, you would know that in my fashion world it's a
ALL ABOUT DENIM, and it excites me to know how deep on trend it is! We are taking 'street' and merging it with 'luxury'. Reconstructing, deconstructing and vice versa; faded; ripped; torn(...there is a difference), bleached and multi-toned. There are added embellishments, like the 80's and 90's and we can not forget the hardware! Buttons; studs; belts, buckles and clamps! I love it!

These are the editors picks.
...and these are my picks from the 8 provided.

Embroidered or brocade jeans are fun. This look is very chic. This look works for me because of the sleek tailored coat. A lot going on, but somehow it works! Again, a show. I would wear different shoes, may be not a bell bottom..., anyway. You know! LOVE THE HAIR!

This is beautiful. FULL ON Denim dress. BRILLIANT.

 A "natural" coloured or coloured denim, I think is tricky! I believe it is very important to be thoughtful with the cut. That's just me. 
If it's baggy on the bottom, go for sophistication, and tighten it up on top! Very chic silhouette. Go for tailored...ALWAYS.

After thought: ALWAYS know your body type and invest in that 'perfect' pair. If you found one, buy 3...if you can because the 'cut' or 'model', may be gone next season ...FOREVER! That sucks.

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