Monday, October 3, 2016

"Here’s What Industry Insiders Wore to London Fashion Week SS17" / Monica - Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)

"Here’s What Industry Insiders Wore to London Fashion Week SS17" ~ high sobriety

It seems like we are deep in this "grunge" fad. I love it because it takes us back to the street where personal style is prominent and important! Almost everyone I know these days are going trough some kind of, 'change', some are great and some are challenging. I believe this is why there is this on going trend of millennials and the some 'boomers' wanting to express themselves through fashion. I love that! I think we want to just be comfortable being who we are.

I personally love to mix new with vintage, or even second hand! It's all in your creative mind and it MUST sing to you otherwise don't even will show.

So here are my favourite looks from what was provided..a little rebel chic; a bit messy with a "I don't fucking care", attitude. Love.

I often wonder about this look... growing your hair past your navel idea? No offence, but one time a girl got on the bus with hair like this and it brushed up beside me and I completely grossed out! I don't know why? How clean can that possibly be? #justme. #peace #maybeDONATE! 

 That's it. Remember to click the link and pick yours! 
...not your bum.

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