Sunday, October 16, 2016

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FASHION Lisa Riehl 13 January, 2016 

"for this young ukrainian designer, fashion is always political"

Lately, especially now, I feel the world is falling down, down, down. It's so different now, and we can all say that we all saw it coming and it came fast! 

In my world things have been up and down. Very many highs, but more painful lows. Some devastating losses, and so many exciting gains!

I'm in that stage when all I think about is my future. It took some time to get here, as I am VERY late for that, but that's how it is. I feel like I'm thinking more like an adult now and not like the child that brought and 'BRINGS', me laughter and turmoil. 

That is why, if you follow my Facebook page, I post a lot of nasty things about a criminal who has made his way to a position that may place him as the leader of the "Land Of The Plenty". 

#TRUMP, a proven liar; thief; molester ;racist ;bully ;baby; privileged man..and anything you can possibly think of that ties in with those horrible words. In whole I can confidently say, Canada does not like you. 

I have listened to his campaign manager speak over her own words, trip and fall and act like she's all cool when she's so not, just more laughter...and then the common, "Oh my God!". I see images of and SOMETIMES listen to his supporters talk about how wonderful of a person this mongrel is....NUFF SAID., other than, "A picture speaks a thousand words". 
This monster is next to us. SO to those who read this from over seas, Canadians are not Americans. We share the north end of the continent, North America. I say this because from retail to travel, I hear it all the time. 
Don't get me wrong, I love my American family, fans and friends...they know that, but unfortunately I saw the America we see in movies, only now we know it's true. You can thank TRUMP for that. We heard what YOU REALLY THINK...and it's so sad. No one wins when there is greed. 

Now take a moment, American voters...

Do you honestly want a country ruled by Donald Trump, because YOU KNOW what HE says goes, no if's and or BUTTHEAD! It will be, "TheCountry According to Donald Trump". Scary times.

Good luck friends,


...stick and stones... <3! ...disturbing!

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