Thursday, September 29, 2016

Somewhere in Time Theme - John Barry & Roger Williams / RUNWAY Christian Dior’s Most Famous Silhouettes in Vogue ~ SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 12:13 AM by LAIRD BORRELLI-PERSSON

"Christian Dior’s Most Famous Silhouettes in Vogue". ~

“If there could be a composite, mythical woman dressed by a mythical, composite couturier,” wrote Vogue in the April 1, 1947, issue, “she would probably wear her skirt about 14 inches from the floor; it might have, for its working model a flower: petals of padding and stiffening seen beneath the cup of the skirt.” In other words, she’d be wearing the New Look silhouette introduced by Dior in his debut collection, the most iconic example of which is the Bar suit.
Photographed by Serge Balkin, Vogue, April 1947

I always pay close attention to detail, when I look at collections, and I believe the "silhouettes" are MOST IMPORTANT. It must compliment a womans body,  or your 'clients' body for that matter. 

While watching a fashion show, I often appreciate the obscure silhouettes...the more modern ones! I think I personally enjoy those colourful shows within reason, of course!
#Asian, #European #student shows  ...but it has to be modern.
...just me. ;D!

I do, however love the history of fashion. Here are my choices, remember to have a look at the link! 

When it comes to luxury and sophistication, I love the "classics"!!!!

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