Tuesday, September 6, 2016

SHINE Going Share Public · Fundraiser · Hosted by SHINE / Sia - Unstoppable ( Lyrics )

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    Sep 10 at 6:30 PM to Sep 11 at 1 AM
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    Tickets to SHINE! are now on sale at: http://shinenostigma.eventbrite.ca/

    SHINE! Launches to Raise Funds & Awareness for Mental Health & Addiction.

    Vancouver Finest Creative and Artistic Communities rally together for an all-inclusive event to raise funds and awareness, while addressing the stigma of mental illness

    VANCOUVER, July 7, 2016 – On September 10th, an all-star cast of 200+ volunteer models, dancers, actors and musicians— sponsored by volunteer local fashion designers, top hair stylists and make-up artists— will create an extravaganza on the runway, all in support of mental illness. Over 900 guests will converge for an unforgettable evening of fashion, fun and entertainment for the inaugural year of SHINE! A Fundraiser for Mental Health & Addiction. The event will take place at the historic Commodore Ballroom in front of an expected sold-out crowd, with proceeds going to the Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division (CMHA BC) and the Lions Gate Hospital HOpe Centre (The HOpe Centre).

    One in five Canadians will personally experience mental illness at some point in their lives, while 100% of Canadians will experience mental illness indirectly through family members, friends and colleagues. With the launch of SHINE!, Vancouver’s finest creative and artistic communities will be giving back with their hearts and their talent, rallying together to raise funds and awareness for mental health & addiction while addressing the stigma of mental illness. This year’s 90-minute spectacle performance is “Avant Garde” themed, celebrating diversity, inclusion and acceptance of all the individuals in Vancouver’s celebrated creative, LGBTQ+ and unique communities who care about giving back while making a difference.

    SHINE! is produced by founder, and Volume Studio owner, Dean Thullner, with a talented and dedicated team of volunteers who believe in communities helping communities. Thullner has a deeply personal connection to both the mental health and HIV & AIDS causes, having been diagnosed in the late 80’s with HIV and given months to live. He relied on both Vancouver’s medical and mental health resources to see him through that difficult time. Thullner has now dedicated his second chance at life to giving back, and since 2012 has raised over $2 million dollars for mental health & addiction and HIV & AIDS as the founder and producer of Brilliant! and RED.

    “I am thrilled that this city’s amazing, diverse, artistic and creative communities are uniting once again to launch SHINE!— an inclusive, all-are-welcome celebration in the spirit of giving back,” says Thullner. “Mental health issues are a huge barrier to so many, and that is why the SHINE! team feels fortunate to be able to support the CMHA and The HOpe Centre, who do so much great work for not only our communities, but all Canadians.”

    "Many among us struggle with a mental illness or addiction, yet stigma too often stops people from seeking help,” says Bev Gutray, Chief Executive Officer of CMHA BC. “That’s why CMHA works to bring down barriers such as stigma, and helps people find the community resources they need to build resilience and support recovery from mental illness and addiction— from workplace education to family-based support services. Together, we can start more conversations so one day soon we can see mental illnesses and addictions treated equally as any other health concern”.

    “Mental health has, until very recently, been an invisible illness with associated stigma that has made accessing help difficult. As a result, people have been suffering in silence,” says Dr. Allan Burgmann, Medical Manager of Acute Care Psychiatry, Lions Gate Hospital HOpe Centre. “The HOpe Centre is excited to be partnering with SHINE! and the CMHA to further advance access to care for people facing mental health and addiction challenges.”

    Tickets to SHINE! are now on sale at: http://shinenostigma.eventbrite.ca/

    More information on SHINE! can be found at www.shinenostigma.ca

    More information on the CMHA can be found at: https://www.cmha.bc.ca/

    More information on The Hope Centre can be found at: http://hopementalhealth.ca/


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