Wednesday, September 28, 2016

P.M. Dawn - Set Adrift On Memory Bliss [16:9 Full HD Video] / "The Coolest ways To Wear Ripped Jeans" ~ up on it!

We are back in the 90's and I am so happy to share this.  If I can wear jeans everyday, I would be the #happiestmanalive. 

Here are a few looks I loved... and I think I chose them all, but one. So I decided to go from my BEST, to least best.


 This is just a look I have always been comfortable wearing. A little sporty and stylish.

 Very cool. Simple and clean. This is a sophisticated way of to wear denim. Still 'street chic', sharp. It's really all in the footwear...and the shirt, of course.

 SHOPPING DAY! Something fresh for just walking around... doing nothing but walking aimlessly with the option to do absolutely anything you want! ...while TOTALLY BEING CRUISED.

I still do not feel comfortable with ALL WHITE shoes...just me. I just keep looking down and think...medical? I don't my "Chucks"...and the buck stops there.

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