Friday, August 19, 2016

Mono - Life in Mono (with lyrics) / SPRING 2017 MENSWEAR Cadet ~
"A jersey top in Cadet’s Spring collection read Amor vinci omnia, which translates to “Love conquers all.” “It’s our way of being slightly political,” said designer Brad Schmidt. Why in Latin? “Well, the overall collection is inspired by Rome, specifically a private tour we had of the Vatican,” said partner Raul Arevalo (the two are also, in fact, a couple). Schmidt then added, “In the past we’ve been criticized for being too ‘military,’ so this collection is something new, while still nodding to Roman cavalry.” "...

I was just skimming through this site, which I love btw.... keeps me up to date, and intrudes me to designers and houses I have never ever heard of. I'm just like that. I like what I like, no matter who made it. ;)
Here are my favourites from a collection I am not familiar with and now really appreciate.
It popped out! ;)

 Ok, those are the looks that work for me. All is brilliant, but these are what I would consider wearing. #LIFEINMONO

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