Saturday, July 9, 2016

TAKE HER UP TO MONTO "Roisin Murphy"

Wow, this is brilliant! Right up my alley. Great share! Check it out. I DO hear Grace Jones, Bjork and a bit of Astrid Gilberto with modern beats. Just me. It's so all over the place in the  most clever and beautiful way. I love it. #sopretty

"For me Róisín, if I need to give her a title, is a pure artist, who likes to combine music and visual-art or more detailed say, she is a pure restless innovator, musically and visually speaking and her latest, yesterday released work is a simple prove of that. "Take Her Up To Monto", her fourth solo album and eight studio album, was recorded and produced with her longtime collaborator Eddie Stevens." .... ~tedore

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