Sunday, July 31, 2016

Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers / Soirée Blanche 2016 Interested Invite Public · Nightlife · Hosted by Nihon Fest Vancouver

CABANA LOUNGE will hold a night of luxurious French summer this mid August called Soirée Blanche 2016. This amazing event
will be our last kick off before summer ends. Dress in white and enjoy the "Azure" atmosphere! Proudly sponsored by Belvedere Vodka and Moet Champagne.

Originating in the 1970s in southern France, Soirée Blanche was a summer event where guests dressed in all white. Many celebrities at the time enjoyed their summers in the French Riviera, and these swanky gatherings were born in the little Mediterranean town of Saint-Tropez. This summer, Cabana Lounge will reproduce the glitz and glamour of this period, adorning The French events airy terrace and bar in white to reflect Saint-Tropez’s exclusive ambience.

Guests will be invited to dress in all white and enjoy hours of Good music, ambience, champagne and themed beverages, as well as specialty food from the grill (VIP Tables Only). Cabana's resident DJ will complete this summer lounge vibe with relaxing music perfectly paired with the atmosphere.

The dress code will be white. Come and enjoy our last summer event from The creators of Shibuya NYT.

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