Thursday, July 14, 2016

Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (with lyrics) / SIMPLE, NAVY
I have to admit I am a 'safe' dresser. I don't think its a conscious thing, I just gravitate to colours that are neutral or basic....some may call it boring I call it clever. I still have navy pieces I wear today that I have owned since the early 90's. Will NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE. It's about black and NAVY! :D!!! Always a staple colour as I do not wear colour. I am trying. People seem happier and cleaner.
We need a lot  more 'happy' these days.

Anyway back to 'navy". Always; anywhere and the navy.

...AND, "YES" pair navy with BLACK!

"Navy blue got its name from the dark blue (contrasted with white) worn by officers in the British Royal Navy since 1748 and subsequently adopted by other navies around the world. When this color name, taken from the usual color of the uniformsof sailors, originally came into use in the early 19th century, it was initially called marine blue, but the name of the color soon changed to navy blue.[2]" ~ Wikipedia

"s/s 2017 menswear
photographer jonathan daniel pryce
paris fashion week

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