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Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman (album version) / THURSDAY, JULY 14, 2016 EDITORIAL: Pooja Mor for, July 2016
I love Pooja Mor.  Indian born and former beauty pageant winner. I love that she looks very diverse. I see Frida Kahlo, and she was MEXICAN...if you didn't know. Who doesn't know Frida? Anyway, I found a part of a interview that is very interesting. Somethings I would love to know about this beauty queen.

If you are a studious girl through school and college and score 82 per cent in Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics, engineering is probably your destined profession.
But Pooja Mor had other ideas.
Her real love was modelling and she wanted to make a career out of it. But there was a hitch.
"My parents didn't want me to become a model. They felt that the profession was for the fickle minded and that it did not promise a sustainable career or source of income," says Pooja.
Only her elder brother, Sudhir, who is a product designer, understood that modelling made her happy.
"If it hadn't been for his timely support, I would have never become a model," says the 22-year old winner of Miss Ahmedabad 2012, who was featured on the August 2014 cover of Adorn, a luxury jewellery magazine.
In this candid interview, Pooja Mor who recently walked the ramp at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014 edition, talks about her career, the mistakes she made and why the fashion industry deserves respect.
You're an IT engineer. What inspired you to quit the tech world and become a model?
I was 18 when I made the choice of pursuing engineering. As the course began, I found myself bored.
I was good in studies and cleared my exams, but I had no interest whatsoever in taking it further.
I told my elder brother that I wanted to get a professional photo shoot done for which I needed money.
My brother realised it was time I did what I loved and helped me with some cash.
I took a train to Delhi and told my parents I was going on a sightseeing trip.
The photo shoot paid off and I eventually won the title of Miss Ahmedabad.
Winning the pageant made me more confident of modelling as a profession.
I was interviewed by Femina as a rising star and through that interview I was spotted by Gunita, a model agent with Anima Creatives.
They asked me to sign a contract. I thought about it for three months before signing. I joined them in March 2014 and since
then there's been no looking back for me."
Are your parents happy about your career choice?
They weren't happy at the start, and kept telling me how the industry had no prospects.
They had heard and read stories about how girls fall in the wrong company and get trapped.
When I left for Mumbai and did long photo shoots, my protective brother would stay in touch with me at all times and keep me motivated.
I was lucky not to have gone through any unfortunate experiences like my family feared. In fact, their trust in me has helped me make the right choices.
Now that they've seen me grow in my career and get positive reviews, I don't think they have a problem.
How has the journey as a model been for you?
When I started my career, I had no mentors. I would just read up magazines, check videos and do my own thing.
I was extremely lucky to find the right kind of people and company.
Today I have made enough friends in the industry -- designers and models who share their positive criticism and tell me when I do something wrong and how I could improve.
Is it important to have a mentor to enter the industry?
Not at all. Look at me. I had no friends or relatives who have been part of this industry.
I started my career from scratch.
I struggled with finances -- to groom myself, to get a professional photo shoot done -- but that is an initial investment everyone has to make.
I'm glad my brother supported me financially. Not many girls are lucky to get that kind of family support. ~ MORE!

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