Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Diplo - Revolution (feat. Faustix & Imanos and Kai) [Official Music Video] / 5 Best Men's Raya Collection from Bernard Chandran's Petang Raya 2016/2017 ~www.andres.style


Cultural fashion is huge right now. Here we see a strong Asian influence with modern, innovative and classic details. Rich in design, style and detail, I truly enjoyed this collection. Here are my stand outs from the images provided. I enjoyed much more!

Make sure you click the link to see the show. It's brilliant.

"Influenced by the insights and beauty of designing for the aristocrats and a royal clientele, Bernard Chandran channeled inspiration from the joys to social expectations and confines of a royal princes in his recent tenth anniversary Petang Raya show. Evident in this collection, we see Bernard Chandran paying special homage to Her Majesty the Queen of Brunei’s regal style from her preferred floral silk prints headscarves to her bejeweled attire.

Staying true to his consistency by bringing fresh concepts and continuous updates to the traditional Malay wear, the Petang Raya collection also came to a queenly height when Bernard Chandran introduced several revolutionary styles of cut, contrasting colours, prints and textures, with ‘70s undertones to the overall formation." ...

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