Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Simple Minds- Don't You (Forget About Me) - Lyrics / 1.6.16 20TH
"Simons eponymous brand celebrated 20th anniversary with this collection and it was the first one as a post (free from) Dior. He celebrated it (both?) by making a collection where David Lynch´s "Twin Peaks" meets the "Breakfast Club" under  influences from designer Martin Margiela and the artist Cindy Sherman´s retrospective "United Horrors", everything “embossed” into his trademark aesthetic." ... ...have a look!

The only thing I will ever "super-size" is my fries. Can you even do that anymore? Anyway, this was a bit much for me. I appreciate the collection photographed all together in one image, but by going through these one by one, I just found myself slowly shaking my head. I love #RAFSIMONS, but why does menswear have to go so crazy? 
However (..sans ALL the sweaters ), these looks worked for me. :D! #ILOVERAFSIMONS...regardless.

 NO to the purple coat.

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