Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - Boys & Girls ft. Pia Mia /NAOMI CAMPBELL STUNS ON THREE COVERS OF VOGUE BRAZIL MAY 2016 EDITION

I have been very open about how much I just dislike this woman. A woman who had many years to improve her sense humanity and her erratic "privileged" behaviour. That all makes for an UGLY person regardless on whether you are a supermodel, some kind of celebrity, or just a regular person like myself. 

It's so easy to fall in love with a great personality, and easier to let go of a "Goddess" with bravado(a) and a sense entitlement. It's SO UGLY. When I go to fashion events and I see all these people, mostly young, throwing shade! What?! Why, because you look like you are "trying" to be someone... because that what is projected. Do you see that? I sure do. That's why I am always so quiet and speak when I am spoken to. I am not a snob. I just like the watch the "show" before the actual SHOW! 

Well, this is a great image of this woman. I know a lot of you love her. So here she is.

I love this image...maybe because It doesn't look like her. ;) (...she dogged my COCO ) #bitch

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