Tuesday, May 3, 2016

SEVDALIZA - THAT OTHER GIRL / Apartamento 03 2016-2017 Spring Summer Womens Runway ~ www.denimjeansobserver.com

I am personally loving this sleepwear trend. Who knew that silk pyjamas can be so pretty and sexy worn outside of the bedroom. Honestly, it's just a silk blouse with piping. I LOVE PIPING! 
"Apartamento 03 and designer Luiz Claudio Silva conduct their 2016-2017 Spring Summer Womens Runway Catwalk Looks during São Paulo Fashion Week in Brazil (Southern Hemisphere – Temporada Verão). From the collection, we selected only the top looks and our favorite notable pieces." http://www.denimjeansobserver.com/mag/2016/05/03/apartamento03-2017-summer-verao-womens-runway-fashion-sao-paulo-pajamas-paper-bag-waist-sequins-biker-gown-denim-jeans-observer/#sthash.OIYGCEJS.dpuf

..tip toe !

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