Tuesday, May 3, 2016

paul simon- 50 ways to leave your lover / TOKIO DIARY ~ www.tedore.at

" This time his hunk, and by that erase from your mind the idea of a nowadays guys with a super-shaved body and super fitness-obsessed, but mind more those from like the 1940´s, when masculinity was defined by an attitude “shaped” through the years, environment influence and yes, also by the testosterone, without been preoccupied if it smells or not, well that kind of hunk was this time situated on Japanese streets. " ~ TEDORE
This would be a collection I would have to pick apart. I'm not too keen on clothing that actually does look like the uniform it was inspired from. To me, it really looks like a judo or karate, "judogi". I understand that the fabric is rich and luxurious, but I would feel a little silly...just me. I guess I am not that kind of fashion guy who would wear something from this collection. This is collection I would die to photograph. I did however find some that were interesting and wearable.

 Now this first look is smoking' hot, but I would like it on a woman. Good second look.

 This model is quite the character, and is well casted for this look. I really appreciate the details, but NOT a fan of Royal blue!

 Again, just a "cool" factor.

 K, I can do this! Yes, even the FIRST look.

I really love it when we have seniors on the catwalk. They just make great clothes more interesting and appealing. This man is a chic and couldn't be any cooler! Makes me want to wear it. :D

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