Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (HQ) / EDITORIAL: Lina Zhang for Elle China, May 2016 ...more!

For some of us, having a good day is a blessing. We need to use our tools to stay afloat.  In my years I developed, "social anxiety". I was told once at one of these, 'anxiety' seminars... The ONE thing I should take from this is that, "...anxiety is not a bad thing.". "It's your body telling you something needs to be done." 
I agree to point, but some of us are not capable to think that way....and some anxiety can stop you from breathing and completely debilitate yourself. It can't be that easy. 

I have so much love. But there seems to never be an opportunity to show that to my extended family. #imCRAYtothem #Imthedevil #never INVITED #NEVERAGODFATHER ...just a gay crazy man.

Once I was told it was okay to "divorce" your family, too! But you must make peace first! I am finally to that point where I need to watch myself. In my soul there is no more family. #exhausted I promise I will forever mind my own business with them.

You know sometimes you have off days, because something very tragic has happened, or you have been betrayed. Anger kicks in and all the other thoughts that come with it. The main word would be, "HYPOCRITICAL". Yeah, that's the word. 

Anyway, I'm off being selfish, now. So I can be a better person for everyone who knows me. <3 I'm off to get better for all of you!

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