Sunday, April 17, 2016

Nu Shooz - "I Can't Wait" (Official Music Video) / APR 23 STRUT Launch 2016 Going Invite Public · Neighborhood · Hosted by Foundation of Hope

The official launch of one of the year's most important events for LGBT+ refugees. An evening filled with diversity, colour, community and entertainment... and shoes, oh the shoes! Produced by Dean Thullner and the Foundation of Hope, come help us take the world one "step" closer to launching one of the City's most community-focused evenings of entertainment. This is a free event.

Join the conversation: #STRUTLaunch

STRUT Vancouver FB:

If you can, please share this event and spread the word; sharing our event page can have a huge impact. Every little bit helps us get closer to supporting more LGBT+ people worldwide!

Guest Entertainment:

House of La Douche. House of La Douche was founded in 2006 by Jojo Zolina, who introduced vogueing and waacking to Vancouver after working in early 2000 with the pioneers in New York City. La Douche was originally formed to promote uniqueness, creativity and individuality of LGBTQ culture, but over the years the crew has grown to have a more cultural diversity in its group regardless of any gender, race, belief, and sexuality. La Douche won Vancouver Nightlife Award Best Performer of the year in 2011, and variations of the group have performed in Vancouver, Paris, Vegas, Seattle and Los Angeles. La Douche's mission is to play a bridge between LGBTQ and the mainstream through celebrating freedom of expression and the beauty of performing arts with humour and edge. Check out our fan page on Facebook:

We have added Ria Jade to our entertainment lineup! Check out her Bio...Ria Jade is an 18-year-old rock/alternative/blues singer, songwriter and musician from Vancouver, BC. Her sound is the perfect combination of passion, empowerment, easy listening, and a strong beat.

LUX Dance Company will be on board to keep us entertained. The talent keeps on growing!

And the talented Molly Wilson!

Naturally... we will have a fun shoe-focused runway fashion show!


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