Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2016 - Lady Gaga / Nick Knight / ALEX S.YU ~ Vancouver Fashion Week at the Chinese Cultural Centre
So excited for this show at Vancouver Fashion Week 2016
" The collection reflects the contrasting emotions of the inspirations in the form of contemporary luxury women's street wear. The collection plays with numerous menswear references and visually restricting tailoring elements such as a high and tight turtleneck or skin tight sleeves. Stark visual contrasts such as exaggerated looseness versus tightness in one piece are used abundantly in the collection to illustrate the very question of, “Are we really as free as we think we are?” Original prints featuring vivid graphics, quirky texts and 2D rendering of plaids created by the designer are once again a key component in the collection. The collection features the designer’s strong usages of mixtures of colours and materials while incorporating a slightly more mature and muted colour palette. This season also sees the the designer’s first foray into menswear. As well as a slight steer into a new territory as the designer incorporates new techniques and materials while maintaining the essence of the ALEX S. YU aesthetic. "

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