Friday, March 25, 2016

AURORA - Winter Bird / Ace + Jig 2016-2017 Fall Autumn Winter Womens Lookbook - See more at:
"Ace + Jig conduct their 2016-2017 Fall Autumn Winter Womens Lookbook Presentation. From the collection, we selected only the top fashion forward styles and our favorite pieces. "- See more at:

I  really appreciate natural fabrics. 'Cotton' is my friend. These very comfortable appearing, an fashion forward looks are brilliant. I love layering! It's amazing how many times you can mix and match at home and create surprisingly 'new' outfits all together.

These are only my favourites. I really enjoyed this collection. It was fun and playful, and still sophisticated #construction #pattern #fabric
 The peplum top is fabulous! Second look.

 This "wholesome" look I love. Inspired what with what I choose to watch on the television, magazines and sometimes the news.

 #2 look is a fave!

 Head to toe...I know!!!! <3 #ithinkso ;)


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