Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ellie Goulding - On My Mind / GELLER LOVE

..."Consequently his fashion is mostly based on comfort and great materials, which is a second big pro for me. The third thing is that his shows always inspire me on a possible new combination-to try way and he is a true master of layering. As the last, but is far from be the least one (and there are many other good reasons to Love him, but will maybe add som), maybe the most important one is that his clothes are really wearable, not in trend oriented, so without a dead-line and matchable with all of his previous collections."...

     Here is a collection that I found difficult to pick just my very faves! So, I narrowed it down to these. 

 I love a deep green. ALWAYS a fan of green.

 I can't see what's underneath in the FIRST look. I see leather, so it's probably a winner, but I prefer the SECOND look. It's more my personal style..ish. #Iwish

  Here's perfection. F***ing love that coat! take a look at that belt. SICK. Great look head to toe!

 Again, The DEET'S!!! #structure #belt #creative


    The RIGHT : This is so cool. I want to know this guy. Fantastic look! #BRAVO!

    First look. Another brilliant coat. Very clever. Coats that can transform into a whole new coat is always a bonus! ...and, yes, I DO appreciate the SECOND look.

Anything in black, always works for me, especially when it's a sharp as this. Who wouldn't feel powerful wearing any one of these looks? Hell, the second guy would scare the hell out of me! This is my chic.

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