Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rihanna - What Now (Official) / Astrid Andersen 2016-2017 Fall Autumn Winter Mens Runway
"Astrid Andersen conducts her 2016-2017 Fall Autumn Winter Mens Runway Fashion Show Catwalk Looks during London Collections: Men in UK United Kingdom hosted by the British Fashion Council. From the presentation, we selected only the top fashion forward styles and our favorite pieces." - See more at:

I'm probably the most 'basic' looking fashion blogger out there. I never do selfies of myself in beautiful and edgy clothes looking like models themselves. Love them.

I am basic, however I SO appreciate collections that make sense, of fine quality, precision and shows creativity that truly presents what the designer wants to express. I like designers that DO follow trends, but only to a point where you feel their personality. I never understand when a designer says they do not follow trends. You have to, no? a point? 

 We waited for a bus in from of HOLTS on Granville and I have to say, FOR THE FIRST TIME we hated what they put on those poor mannequins with the exception of the one sitting in the beautiful green striped dress. BRAVO on that look! Anyway, the main mannequin was wearing this multi patterned 90's looking dress with petal hems(ew), paired with these floral wide leg pants and a monster summer hat? #toomuchvolume, #lookslikeyourworstdressedrelative, as my fashion friend quickly pointed out. Agreed! That outfit was probably the price of a down payment for a Vancouver home, but I wouldn't pay $20! The man mannequin was in this COMPLETLY disjointed outfit. I was shocked. 
ANYWAYZ...'trends', those looks were NOT trendy. Not appealing in any way and it wasn't a look that would considered progressive in any way, shape or form. May be if you picked pieces apart. Again, I apologise, I'm just being honest.

This collection encompasses all of that good stuff I like to see in a collection. It's cohesive, well made and constructed...and on trend, or at least a fad I am digging.
I like these looks. Check the link for the others. ;D

BELOW: left look ONLY

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