Thursday, January 14, 2016

Niki & The Dove - Mother's Protect (Goldroom Remix) / Presented By GQ China, Sean Suen conducts his 2016-2017 Fall Autumn Winter Mens Runway Fashion Show Catwalk Looks during London Collections

"Styles: bomber jacket, cross zipper, slouchy pants, metallic silk satin copper gold, oversized outerwear coat, lines, biker pants, plaid tartan wool fleece, wrinkled suit, tearaway snap buttons, cargo utility pockets."

 I'm going to point out the one's I like; it's a great collection! A "different" look, for the men. #Aboutime 
 The left look is sexy. Love the fit of the pants and it's simple to put together. The jacket covers it all! (...but it's the pants I love.)

( FIRST LOOK ) "The Uniform"...loving this trend. A GREAT coat is essential these days in the north and this one is brilliant! I really like it. The details! ;D!!!!

 Here BOTH looks are impressive. Well styled. Cool looks. That black jacket is so SICK! (That means it so amazing that it makes you want be sick!) ...for those who don't know that.

BELOW:  Take a look  at the second look. That coat is phenomenal! I only wish I can wear oversized coats, if not for the warmth alone. I believe it looks best for the taller men and I have seen them look good on some skinny short guys. That is a winner for me!

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